Béatrice FrézalAn accomplished artist with a perfect technique, Beatrice Frezal brings a vision and an innovative manner in plastic arts to the universe of Norman painting, more precisely in Rouen, after her revelatory stays in Canada and Thailand.

During her time in the Far East she acquired proficiency and control over her material. While conserving a figurative full of imagination, Beatrice Frezal brilliantly brings together acrylic, wax and gold leaf.

She creates superb motifs that her watercolor talent develops with charm. Generous colors, warm harmonies, powerful backgrounds turn into serene and fully expressive works (dreamed landscapes, picturesque sites, spiritual infatuation for some divinities). The artist brings out the magical details, beautifully transmitted through seduction and mystery. These intense qualities, personal as well as pictorial, explain why Beatrice Frezal is a different and strongly original artist.

André RUELLAN, art critic


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